5 Crystals That Help With Healing

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5 Amazing Crystals That Help With Healing


In today’s day and age, more and more people are turning to alternative medicines to help in the process of healing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit.  While many alternative medicines may not be proven scientifically, it is certainly true that these practices have been proven to show a positive effect on those that use them.


Whether you choose acupuncture or something else, there are many benefits in utilizing alternative therapies to boost your lifestyle.  In this post we will go over 5 crystals that help aid in the process of healing.




Both clear quartz and rose quartz have advanced healing properties.  While clear or white quartz is best known as a master healing crystal, rose quartz is best known for its enhancement of relationships and your love life.  Rockville Maryland psychic Joyce suggests using rose quartz to restore balance and harmony to your relationships.  In addition, rose quartz can assist in the building of trust among loved ones.


On the other hand, clear quartz can be used to assist in balancing your energy in the proper way.  The two crystals combined make for an excellent healing combination.




Jasper is an emotional crystal which has been said to protect you from negative energy and promote feelings of courage and confidence to those who use it.  Jasper is a crystal which is empowering to the spirit and can be helpful in many important ways.  In addition, you can use it alongside chakra balancing to cleanse energy and lead to healing.


Use jasper if you are concerned with your mental state regarding a situation.  In addition, put your trust in this great crystal and you will see its positive effect ten-fold.




Citrine is an excellent crystal that promotes warmth, positivity and light into your life.  Use this crystal to help pinpoint the positive and release negative feelings such as fear and pessimism.  Citrine can be used alongside meditation services to promote healthy release of negative emotions.




Turquoise is an excellent crystal that has many healing powers that aid in balancing and regulating body, mind and spirit.  Just like psychic readings, it can aid in overall positive balance of emotions.  Turquoise has often been looked at as a sort of good luck charm that can aid in the healing and developing of your spiritual self.


In addition to this, turquoise has been said to have many physical benefits on your body as well.  It can boost your immune system and lead to positive effects in the respiratory and skeletal system as well.


Tiger’s Eye


If you need a boost of confidence and motivation, tiger’s-eye might just be the stone for you. As psychic Joyce agrees, this powerful crystal is said to release negative feelings such as fear and anxiety and boost feelings of strength.  In addition, tiger’s-eye can release you of feelings of self-doubt and put you in a very positive mind frame.  Why not just give it a shot!




The crystals discussed above have many effects that are beneficial to body, mind and spirit.  Why not give them a try and see what life has in store for you?  We think you’ll love the results!

We hope this post has shown you the crystals that help with healing and wish you the best.