6 Things To Do In Rockville Maryland Right Now

Things to do during COVID in Rockville

Things to do during COVID in Rockville

6 Things To Do In Rockville Maryland Right Now

Rockville, Maryland is a popular and prominent city located in close distance to Washington, D.C.  Many people often visit Rockville Maryland due to the fact that it is in such close proximity to other major cities and offers a host of things to do.

The city of Rockville is a bustling little city with a population of just over 61k people.  It’s actually one of the larger communities in MD however it maintains the charm that is typically associated with a smaller city.

With COVID-19 wreaking havoc on our country, many individuals in neighboring cities and states have sought out tourist areas and beautiful cities like Rockville to get away without truly going very far.  Since Rockville is situated with easy access to other medium sized nearby cities and neighborhoods, it offers an escape from the current climate in other parts of the country.

In this post we will talk about  6 things you can do in Rockville Maryland right now to keep yourself busy and happy!

6 Fun Things To Do In Rockville MD


With so many fun things to do, we had some difficulty in limiting our list to just 6 things.  However, these 6 activities will get you through COVID-19 and have you enjoying every moment of every day.

Just be aware that a lot of these activities in Rockville, MD are best to be done in warmer weather.  You will want to contact each place individually to ensure it is still operating as usual!

Rockville, MD things to do

things to do in Rockville, Maryland

Rock Creek Regional Park


Rock Creek Regional Park is a beautiful and thriving park in Montgomery County, Maryland. This wonderful park is approximately 1,800 acres of beauty that includes breathtaking views of nearby picturesque lakes.

In addition to the endless hiking trails, there are also a few additional amenities to be enjoyed by families, individuals and couples.  There are boat rentals, a beautiful nature center, and boat tours.


Lake Needwood


Lake Needwood is a 75 acre beauty that offers both breathtaking lake views and boat rentals for people to enjoy.  Sitting with Rock Creek Regional Park, Lake Needwood has become quite a destination for Rockville residents as well as others traveling from not so distant neighboring areas.  You can learn more about boat rentals such as pedal boats, row boats, canoes and kayaks on this page here


Rockville Town Square


Rockville Town Square is a fantastic place to go to eat, shop and have fun.  This wonderful shopping district and outdoor mall is set in the heart of Rockville Maryland.  It is thriving and offers a host of things to do in addition to the wonderful restaurants and stores.  In addition to the shopping opportunities, there is also a library and grocery stores to enjoy.


Spiritual Insight By Joyce


Spiritual Insight by Joyce is a Rockville Maryland psychic well known amongst those who live both near and far.  Spiritual Insight by Joyce is best known presently for her detailed, genuine psychic readings.  Due to the current COVID-19 situation, Joyce has adapted her services to meet her 100’s of customers individual needs.  Presently, she offers her full range of services, but it is recommended to reach out to Joyce prior to visiting.

Spiritual Insight by Joyce top Maryland psychic

Spiritual Insight by Joyce Rockville Maryland Psychic

Some of the services Joyce is best known for include:


For more information, please call Joyce or visit the Spiritual Insight by Joyce google listing for updated information on services.


7 Locks Brewing


7 Locks Brewing is a brewery in Rockville Maryland.  This fantastic venue for beer lovers offers more than just good beer and a great atmosphere.  7 Locks Brewing also offers special events such as bands, trivia and more. Check out their website here and be sure to call for COVID-19 updates and restrictions.

brewing company in Rockville Maryland

brewing company in Rockville, MD


Glenview Mansion


Glenview Mansion is a popular historic site and even venue for special events.  It is a beautiful mansion conveniently located in Rockville Maryland that has become a pillar in Montgomery County.

In addition to a beautiful space, the mansion also has an art gallery that offers rotating exhibits to visitors.  For more information on event restrictions and limitations, please contact Glenview Mansion directly. 


Visit Rockville Maryland Today!

We hope this post has given you many ideas on some wonderful things you can do to spend your time in the beautiful city of Rockville, Maryland.  You should have some great ideas about some fun and interesting things to do with your family or by yourself if you feel inclined.

We hope you have enjoyed our blog post on 6 things to do in Rockville Maryland right now and wish you the best.