What Is A Phone Reading

what is a phone reading

In-Person Psychic Readings Vs. Phone Readings

In this post, we will discuss what is a phone reading and the difference between in-person readings and phone readings.  In today’s day and age, phone readings are on the rise.  More and more people prefer to visit a psychic virtually rather than going to their office.  Here, we will do an in-depth look of both forms of psychic readings and explore which is better!

In-person psychic readings vs. phone readings – which is better?


If you have any questions about psychic readings and whether or not it’s better to do them in person or on the phone, this post will answer all of your questions.  Here, we will go over some benefits and drawbacks of both in-person and over the phone readings and which you should choose.


Types Of Psychic Readings And How They Should Be Performed


Psychic readings have been around for a very long time. And they’re gaining in popularity and exposure.  With our ever-changing world and so much uncertainty, psychic readings are a great way to find stability and answers that is a little outside the norm but definitely works. 


Rockville MD psychic Joyce goes on to say that psychic readings encompass many different things and are performed in a variety of different ways.  Some are done in-person and others are just as wonderful and beneficial when done virtually or on the phone.  And the truth is that having a psychic reading could mean anything from an aura reading to a tarot card reading to a distant reading and more.


Here we will discuss some of the types of readings and whether they are best delivered in-person or over the phone.

Tarot Card Readings


Tarot card readings are psychic readings that are performed by a skilled card reader.  These reading require some interaction between you, the psychic and the tarot cards.  While there are many different forms of tarot card readings and different types of tarot spreads, there are many similarities.


Tarot card readings should be delivered in a way that allows you to choose cards easily.  For this reason, in-person is better.  However, there are means by which you can do a virtual tarot card reading which is just as beneficial.  If you have virtual capabilities with a smart phone, ability to facetime or zoom, then either way offers the same benefit.


Palm Readings


Palm readings are readings which are done by looking at the prospect’s palms to determine things such as their character, their future and their love life.  A psychic will analyze the hands and the lines and wrinkles on the palm of the hands to better understand things about the person’s life and path.


With palm readings, they should probably be done in person as a psychic really needs to be able to see palms of hands well to give an accurate reading.  If virtual capabilities are good quality, then they can certainly be done virtually too!


Aura Readings


An aura reading requires that the psychic is in your presence and able to interpret your aura and energy fields.  For this reason, an in-person session is required and ideal.  Doing this type of reading virtually will cause some of the reading to be lost. Being face to face will provide the spiritual medium a great place to do your aura reading.


Choosing To Schedule A Phone Reading Or Sit-Down Session


Psychic readings that are often held in person can almost always be done over the phone.  The good news is that most often nothing is lost so long as the psychic reading doesn’t require touch or acute visual capabilities for the reading.


Many readings also have benefits of not being in person.  Here are a few examples of how having a phone reading could be prove to be even better than sitting face to face.


  1. More convenient and can be done at any time
  2. Less stress in having to meet in person which could promote a more authentic experience
  3. Less judgement when on the phone as opposed to sitting face to face
  4. Positive experience
  5. More authentic interpretations
  6. Less chance for transmission of sickness and less exposure to germs
  7. Same capabilities as a face-to-face reading


Before you decide whether to schedule a phone reading or an in-person reading, we encourage you to look at all the facts and enter into the experience with an open mind.  Rather than just scheduling your next reading at the office, why not consider speaking to your psychic either virtually or over the phone?  Spiritual Insight by Joyce is a wonderful psychic who has a range of psychic services.  You can take a look at her services page and contact her with any questions.  Whether you are in Rockville Maryland or somewhere else, Joyce would love to hear from you.




We hope you enjoyed this post and that it answered some of your questions.  The answer to which type of reading is best is a highly personalized experience so it’s really what is best for you!


To answer your question, yes.  An intuitive psychic medium can perform services and doesn’t lose any ability whether they are in the room with you or not.  However, some of the services require in person interaction which can be difficult if your reading is virtual.


We hope we have answered all of your questions about in-person readings vs. phone readings and which one is better.  We hope you now know what is a phone reading and wish you all the best!